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We bring to you the unforgetable moment with our delicious dishes

Hello There. So this is the first time I am doing this. But everyone at any point of time does things for the first time right? Today’s post is a restaurant review. Now I am not a regular restaurant visitor as other food bloggers are. :O

Yeah you heard me right. I am a person who on weekends finish the household chores so I am not overloaded during the week. I am a person who likes to try new recipes over the weekend. So it is not very frequent that we visit restaurants. But when I do I like to go to good ones.

About the Restaurant:

‘Pankayam’ means an oar. It is a part of a boat. And you will see the same reflected when you enter the restaurant. The ceiling has fishing net hanging on wooden oars. The furniture is all wooden and makes use of earthy and reusable things. The chairs back cushion is wrapped with sack cloth. The lamp I am told is made from fevicol tins. As you enter you see a classy moped and at the reception are the classic naranga muttai (lemon candies) and gas muttai. There are drums placed behind the moped where neatly arranged glasses are placed. Further if you go to the other section of the restaurant you will see a huge rustic looking wooden boat hanging from the ceiling. Overall “Pankayam” restaurant gives you a beach interiors minus the smelly fish and the ocean sound. The ambience is tastefully done and elegant.

The food:

Coming to the most important part of any restaurant – the food. Sadya is served in banana leaf with kadu maanga (mango pickle, chamanthy (coconut chutney), pachchadi (yogurt mustard curry), avial (veggies in coconut sauce), thoran (veggie with grated coconut), kappa (mashed tapioca), papadam (papad), boiled rice, parippu curry (lentil curry in coconut paste), sambhar, rasam, moru curry (yogurt curry) and lastly payasam.

Then they come with a platter of fish fries to choose from. Atleast 6-8 varieties of fishes to choose from. To wash everything down you have lemon juice served with the sadya.

The Taste:

Sadya was nicely done. The star of sadya was the chamanthy. It was coarsely grinded (as it should be) with just the right spiciness. Parippu curry was another attraction of the meals. Sambhar was good enough too. The side dishes were silent (they did not shout big and bold flavours but was cooked well and tasty) but proper accompaniment to the rice. Rice was properly cooked. Basically a very good sadya.

The fish fry dominated my palate. The masalas were just strong enough to enhance the flavour of the fish and not empower it. The best thing that I liked about these fish fry was that it was not served with raw or sautéed onions which can sometimes make the fish soggy. It was served as it is. And it was topped with the remaining crunchy tasty masala (the crunchy bits of curry leaves, garlic and dry red chilly among others. We had ordered for karimeen, para and konchu fry. Perfectly cooked, delicious and crispy.

Will I eat there again?

Yes definitely. I want to see what more they have to offer. I want to try crab and fish curry dishes there next.

My Verdict:

If you are a Kerala food lover then definitely try it once. If you are seafood lover then definitely try it once.


This is not a sponsored post.

All the views expressed are solely mine based on my experience.

I am not very happy with the picture quality too.